Preventive Maintenance

Ask your dispatcher or technician about preventative maintenance. For a nominal charge we can make sure all of your appliances are in tip-top shape.  Ask your technician during the appliance maintenance appointment how to clean or install filters, how to minimize the impacts of hard water on your clothes washer and dishwasher, and how to vacuum your refrigerator condenser coils and dryer ventilation.  Below are examples of most services we can provide on the same day of your appointment:

  • Diagnose a 2nd Appliance: for a reduced rate we will take a look at a second, third, or fourth appliance.  Dishwasher has a small leak, refrigerator icing up, dryer not drying?  Avoid costly, future repairs and potential water damage or fire hazards.
  • Washer Maintenance: Level and lock legs, inspect and remove clogs from the drain, install new fill hoses*, check and secure drain hoses, clean soap dispenser. Test (fill, tumble or agitate, spin and drain) cycles, run cleaner; recommended every five years.  Service includes one package of the clothes washer cleaner, Affresh.
  • Dryer Maintenance: Clean inside of the dryer and vacuum lint, recommend vent cleaning service if necessary, install maintenance kit (bearings, belt, pulley, and/or rollers);* recommended every five years for dryers that exhaust with a vent run less than five feet, recommended annually dryers with longer runs.
  • Cooking & Ventilation Maintenance: Verify oven temperature, check burner and fan operation from high to low, clean or replace burners, filters, and lights as necessary*.  Check oven and ventilation fans for circulation; recommended when oven temperatures seem off.
  • Dishwasher & Disposer Maintenance: Clean air gap, filters, garbage disposal, spray arms, and soap dispenser. Inspect and adjust door springs and cables.  Test (fill, wash, drain) cycles and run cleaner; recommended every five years. Service includes one package of the dishwasher cleaner, Affresh.
  • Refrigerator Maintenance: Clean condenser coils, adjust door and gaskets, check defrost system and fan circulation. Replace air and water filters and light bulbs as necessary. Clean icemaker and dispenser, check temperatures and return to ideal settings; recommended annually scheduled in the Spring.
  • Whole House Maintenance: Has it been more than five years since you’ve scheduled an appliance repair or maintenance appointment? Dryer not drying as well as it used to, oven temperatures seem off, noticed refrigerator, dishwasher, or clothes washer leaking.  Get a tune-up on all of your home’s appliances for the same cost of repairing two.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Service includes packages of Affresh for clothes washer and dishwasher cleaning.
  • Laundromat Maintenance: Do you own a laundromat or manage an apartment or duplex with a shared or community laundry room? Maintenance tune-up appointments for six appliances cost about the same for a moderate dryer or washer repair.  Service includes one use of Affresh cleaner for each washer serviced.  Ask to talk to our Marketing Manager about setting up monthly or quarterly appointments for larger facilities to minimize downtime, mitigate costly repairs, and waive diagnostic trip charges.
*Parts additional

Once you decide what services you need Schedule a Technician online or call our office team at (408) 996-9111 for the soonest available appointment.