My Oven’s Temperature is Off, What do I do?

October 29, 2023
Oven Repair and Calibration
Schedule Oven Repairs ahead of Thanksgiving.

It’s the Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. You’ve baked grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe for years in your faithful General Electric oven you’ve owned for a decade. You set the pre-heat to 375 degrees to blind bake your pie crusts, pop them in and 30 minutes later they’re overbrowned. Aunt Cindy and Laura are expecting their mom’s favorite squash custard and need you need service right away.

Before calling try the Pilsbury biscuit test. Grab a tube of your favorite rolls from the dairy section, pre-heat the oven per the instructions. Even if the pre-heat alert goes off, give your oven a solid 30 minutes to reach ideal temepratures. Bake per the recipe. If you have a desirable golden biscuit you’re oven’s working fine, make sure to give a full 30 minutes for pre-heat. If they’re doughy or burned call De Anza Appliance at (408) 996-9111 for San Jose Appliance Repair. De Anza Appliance also services most of San Mateo and Santa Clara County and the cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City. You can also request service online.

Your oven repair might be simple. You might just need a simple oven calibration. The repair itself is fairly straightforward either reprogramming the computer board or adjusting the thermostat, to get there it takes some time. An appliance repair technician will take the oven from cold to pre-heat and measure three high and low oscilations of temperature taking the average. If temperature variance is over 5 degrees requested, your technician can adjust the oven’s temperature bringing operation back to normal. After calibration if there’s still a failure your technician can continue diagnosis to see if a control, temperature probe, or thermostat needs replacement.

Normally an oven calibration is $310 for a single oven or $390 for a double oven. If booked between now and November 11, 2023 let your dispatcher know promotion WEB35 for $35 off your oven calibration and a free inspection of your cooktop and other cooking appliances. If requesting service online please mention the WEB35 promotion for discounted service.



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